About Us

Warm Embers Candle Company was founded in 2020 as a passion project by Dee Britt. Driven by her joy for small luxuries and the need for clean, natural home products; Dee sought out the best ingredients that offered the most luxurious notes as well as clean results.

Warm Embers Candle Co. proudly formulates its products using high-quality coconut wax that ensures a fragrance throw that is also healthy. These candles are top shelf quality because they're designed to be put on the top shelf. Warm Embers will perfectly compliment your space.

Warm Embers Candle Co. candles are crafted with premium, highly concentrated essential & fragrance oils. The luxury collection is free of dyes, phthalates, propellants and other synthetic ingredients known to be toxic when burned. Each candle is blended with high-quality vegan coconut wax. This wax ensures the candles have a long lasting luxurious fragrance throw.